2016 Marblehead Annual Ornament - 100th Anniversary of - the Elliott Roundy Grandstand - at Seaside Park

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The 2016 annual Marblehead ornament celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Elliott Roundy Grandstand at the Seaside Park baseball field

Named for Elliott Roundy, a Marblehead native whose family history dates back before the Revolutionary War, the Elliott Roundy Grandstand in Marblehead's Seaside Park celebrates 100 years in 2016. The all-wood Grandstand was built in 1916 but was slated for demolition in the 1980s due to its state of disrepair. Roundy spearheaded a successful fundraising campaign to save the Grandstand, and in 1990, it was renamed the Elliott Roundy Grandstand, now on the National Register of Historic Places. Seaside Park plays host to the Marblehead High School baseball team and semi-professional baseball which returned to Seaside Park in 2016 when a new North Shore Baseball League team, the Marblehead Seasiders, made it its home park.

Purchase without a stand for hanging on the Christmas tree or add a stand for year-round display.

The AmeriScape ornament is our signature creation. Each wonderfully detailed ornament is individually hand-cast and hand-painted by Hestia's dedicated artisans, and can truly be considered a work of art. They are 3 1/2" in diameter, made of bonded marble dust, and weigh approximately 3 ounces.

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